Cemaes Bay Dental Practice

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COVID information

*** Please do not come to the practice unless you have an appointment ***

To ensure the safety and well-being of both patients and the practice team, our normal procedures have updated for the duration of the pandemic. We hope to be able to return to normal operations as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

(You can read our current Standard Operating Procedures by clicking HERE)

The following procedures apply to ALL persons entering the building:

All visitors to the practice must have an appointment and be subject to a pre-screening risk assessment before entering the practice. If you are having any dental problems please tell us about them before you come into the building - we are unable to get additional instruments out once the patient has entered the surgery.

The pre-attendance screening questionnaire can be found by clicking HERE

Wherever possible, the patient should enter the practice alone. If the patient needs to be accompanied, for example, a young child, please let us know beforehand - the accompanying person will also have to undergo the COVID risk assessment, regardless of whether they are a patient at the practice. Only one other person beside the patient can be admitted to the practice.

The waiting room is closed and all patients must wait in their cars until their appointment. If you walk to the practice, please ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the weather. Given we are able to see far fewer patients, we usually run to time.

The member of the team who comes to get you will be dressed in PPE and will ask you the same COVID questions again.

You will be given a fresh disposable mask to wear and hand sanitiser to use before admission to the building. Entry to the practice is conditional on wearing a mask - it is there to protect other vulnerable people who may be attending or working at the practice. The mask is only to be removed in the surgery when providing treatment and is to be replaced once treatment is completed. On exiting the building please dispose of the mask in the clinical waste bin provided at the exit.

Please do not touch anything when walking through the building - doors will be opened and closed for you.

A one-way system is in operation - the entrance is via the normal door and the exit is via the door at the front of the building - if you have impaired mobility and cannot negotiate the steps please let us know and we will make alternative arrangements.

Please leave all non-essential items in your car - mobile phones and wallets along with hats and umbrellas will not be required during your appointment. Bringing them into the building makes it more complicated and difficult to disinfect the practice and puts everyone at risk.

Follow-up advice, appointments and payment will be arranged after you have left the building. We prefer payment by card or BACS transfer - we regret that cash and cheques are not accepted due to the risk of transmission of COVID.

Given that we now are having to make a lot more telephone calls it would help us immensely if you could ensure that your current home and mobile telephone numbers are updated and, if at all possible, an e-mail address provided.


We would like to thank you for your co-operation with the above - we are aware that the rules are more rigorous than you may be used to but they are there to protect us all - we sincerely hope to be able to revert to normal operation just as soon as we can.